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Welcome to Pratter’s Hospital/Ambulatory Surgery Center/Imaging Center/Lab Center medical cost upload portal. This is your opportunity to demonstrate to your community your cost effective health care. Please note that there is no fee for you to upload your data for the first calendar year.

The medical cost upload portal has been set up categorically by doctor visits, imaging studies (x-ray, MRI, CT and ultrasound), blood work and procedures by specialty. Each of these four sections has further been alphabetized (e.g. abdominal x-ray, ankle x-ray, etc.) to make it easy to upload your charges. Pratter has listed each line item by name and CPT code. Next to each CPT code there will be a box for you to type in your facility charge. We encourage you to complete all medical line items possible.

Please fill out the brief form below so that Pratter can verify your company before providing you with a medical cost submission form.

We will do our best to respond to you within 24 hours. Thank you.

By clicking below, you agree that you are an authorized agent on behalf of your medical facility to enter your facility’s medical charges for all outpatient medical care. You further agree that your medical facility charges listed are valid for the remainder of the calendar year for all patients as the maximum out-of-pocket expense for each cost item listed. Lastly, you agree to indemnify Pratter, LLC, from any and all liability associated with medical cost uploading. As a medical facility that has uploaded its charges, a search query will mark your listing with the Pratter price tag icon, marking your company as an exemplary standout, rewarding you and providing piece of mind to those who want and demand complete assurance for known health care costs before receiving medical care. I accept the above terms for uploading medical facility charges.*